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  1. Asking for prayer, I am a Christian repented of my sins, been baptized in the name of Jesus Christ and received the gift of the Holy Ghost. I am battling cancer “Multiple Myeloma “ it’s a cancer of the blood and bone marrow. They say there is no cure for this but I know Jesus is able to heal me. So if you would keep me in your prayers ,thank you very much. In Jesus name.

  2. Praise the Lord it’s been a rough journey but I’m still standing I has been and I has been divorce going on three years and it’s been really hard I’m asking God to help me and Aries I don’t understand I know he has a plan and I know he’s never left me or for sake me and I know he loves me and my husband sometime I just don’t know what direction to go.

  3. Please pray for my grandson, Etienne. He listened to a friend and went along with his friend. Anyway he is now in prison. We all pray and still there is some worry and fear for him. I have asked Jesus to keep His hand on him and to build a wall of protection around him. He has been in custody for 15 months and has a positive attitude so far. I know the devil would like destroy him, but our Lord is mightier! Thank you all your prayers! God is good! In Jesus’s precious name, Amen!

  4. Hellow, Greeting in Jesus Name. My one and only sister Pendi is very sick with cancer. Doctors say she only has couple of months. Please pray with me so that God can have mercy on her, forgive her sins, and lay his healing touch upon her. Thank God Almighty. Amen

  5. My daughter Apryl, is homeless in San Fransisco! She has been highly independent since she was 3yrs old. As she grew she became very rebellious. That rebellion led her into drugs, addition, and into three abusive relationships. Now she is homeless and I am deeply troubled for her! We cannot allow her to come and stay with us, many reasons, the biggest reason is that we cannot trust her! She is no longer using drugs, but she is still using people!!! That tells me that she has not learned from her terrible choices!

    I hope that someone here will pray with me on this, it could be your own child.

  6. Hi,

    This is for my hubby, he has just a series of heart tests and scans, his arteries are clogged, but we don’t how badly yet, we find out this coming Tuesday, we are deeply concerned for his welfare! I am esp. so because he is such a hard head, he do not listen to anyone and his diet is terrible! He is a diabetic, has high cholesterol, and high blood pressure also. He is highly resistant to any help from me, and that hurts deeply!

    If he doesn’t wake up he will die, and that terrifies me!!!

  7. I really don’t like asking for prayer for myself, but I am desperate!

    I am actively battling Rheumatoid Arthritis, and the medicine that we have been using has quit working; so
    now we must switch to something else. These are powerful drugs (chemo) to counteract the inflammation, they
    come with down right scary side effects! But the disease is also terrible! IT IS A CATCH 22 situation
    for me.

    So I am asking In The Mighty Name of Jesus, to be bathed in The Peace Of God, that ALL FEAR and TERROR BE

  8. My oldest daughter has been having problems for some time now. (years) She doesn’t want to give up the weed. The past three years she has been living with this guy that has beat up on her. Right now he is in jail and looking at prison time the way I understand. Since she has been with him she has started drinking> She stays where anyone will let her stay. She has run out of people that will let her stay so she ask to stay here. My wife at the time had COPD and was o n hospice care. I knew she was coming in drinking but did not want my wife of 43 years to hear the fight. So I was waiting for after my wife passed to ask (tell) her to leave. My wife passed away 12/31/2016. She came in drinking again we was fussing and she said after tonight I will not be back and I said good. I have guardianship of her two kids girl 10 and boy 6. Please pray that GOD will get a hold of her heart and she will answer the call. She has been baptized in JESUS Name and been filled with the Holy Ghost. She just doesn’t want to let go of the world. Than you. Her name is Misty.

  9. Please pray for me I am disabled on a limited income.Need to get in a low income apartment and I go for interview this week.I ask that those of you who know how to pray that fervent and effectual prayer of righteous people stand in the gap for me,that our great God & Savior Jesus Christ give me favor and they do not look back past the 20 years that I have been serving the Lord Jesus,that past that has been washed away in the blood of the Lamb of God that taketh away the sins of the whole world.I enjoy your music which has been a blessing to me many of weeping nights and joyful mornings.Lord bless you.Brother Freddie Rosales!Calvary Apostolic Church La Puente Ca.Pastor Elmo Henderson & Bishop Ted Molander. Two men of God whom I Love and respect with all my heart.Men of valor,integrity who stand in the old path.With out reproach or compromise. JEREMIAH 5:5,6:16-17.

  10. I would like to request prayer for my husband. The Lord sent my Pastors wife to tell him this… “If you will seek me like you seek drugs, I have a ministry waiting on you.” That was three weeks ago. My husband just moved out a week ago. I know God is an able God, you see, He delivered me from drugs. I know the Lord can change my husbands will. Please help me pray in the name above every other name, Jesus’ name… Thank you!

  11. I am requesting prayers for my wife who is very ill. i pray every night and day for her health and our church and friends pray for her. She has end stage kidney failure and is on dialysis, 5 years +, her health has been deteriorating and she has other health issues on top of this. She is at the point that she just wants to give up. I pray for the good lord to give us both strength during this battle. I know that god hears all prayers but at times i do not feel like he has the answer for us. I will never give up on my wife or God, but i really feel lost at this point. Any and all prayers will be heard. God Bless

  12. I wanted to request prayer . I have been very ill, even unable to drive. The lord told me I can move a mountain if I had faith, and I do. I believe I can get well most certainly when all you “oneness” Pentecostals out there hold me up in prayer. I hope when you see this you may take a minute to remember me in my affliction. Bless You.

  13. Please pray for my family. My son needs God desperately. He is into drugs and it’s made him mentally ill. He needs God to give him his right mind, and turn back to God. My husband and this son are backsliders; my older son also needs the Holy Ghost. Very difficult to live in this situation. Only God has been my help.

  14. My health is under severe attack! Rheumatoid Arthritis, Spinal Degeneration, and now something else is causing me great physical and emotional stress. My blood count is showing a very high infection in my body also. Please pray for my healing and deliverance from this onslaught!

    • We will be praying for you. Jesus is still a healer. He said if you can believe all things are possible to them that believe. We are believing and trusting the Lord to heal you. He can do more in five minutes than doctors can do in a lifetime. Keep the faith.

  15. I love to listen to Praise & Worship music on this Apostolic Christian radio station every chance I get. It’s very uplifting for me to sit & soak in the words to every gospel song that’s playing. I love to worship & praise our Lord Jesus Christ and give him the honor he rightfully deserves. I am so very thankful he saved me at age 13 years old in Jamestown, NC in 1985. I received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost at age 15 years old. And at age 22 years old I was water baptized in Jesus Name for the remission of my sins as the Spirit of God gave me utterance. Amen! PTL! Hallelujah!

  16. Praise The Lord
    Jesus Is Soon To Return,
    God Bless You,
    Yahweh Of Hosts Loves You,
    In Yeshua Jesus Name We Bless Thee & Pray
    For Thy Needs To Be Met,
    The Peace Of Jerusalem

    I Will Bless Thee
    Pray For Israel

    Keep Thy Eyes Upon Christ
    Jesus Loves Thee

    The Bride Of Christ Must Be Watching&Waiting

  17. I really love Jesus name radio, it means a lot in my walk with Jesus Iam always listen and studying the Holy Word of God. my favorite song is only one God and that is true and his name is Jesus my Lord and savior. Amen

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